RemovEZ Technology

Easily removable with maximum protection

Significantly improved efficiency and effectiveness due to reduced patient pain and ease of removal emanate from Xennovate’s EverLift RemovEZ + PULL-TAB technology

Life for caregivers just got better.  They can now remove sticky gooey dressing without patient pain and with little or no residuals left in the wound bed.  New Xennovate adhesive technology reduces the force required to remove medical adhesives such as hydrocolloid dressings from the skin by as much as 30%, thus minimizing the risk of pain or skin tearing.

Besides pain reduction, Xennovate’s EverLift RemovEZ™ technology EverLift also enables a new PULL-TAB for caregivers to more easily remove the release liner for application and, even better, more easily get a gloved finger under the corner of the wound dressing for ease of removal.

Dr. David Smith, Internist and Xennovate’s founder, comments… “We are proud to introduce this exciting new technology for the benefit of patients with severe wounds and ostomy product users everywhere. Ostomy product manufacturers and marketers have demonstrated an enthusiastic response to our thinner, integrated hydrocolloids and combined with our integrated hydrocolloid, xm18, our customers now have a truly innovative and skin safe alternative for better management of skin surfaces.

Additionally, in this age of MRSA, our integrated PULL-TAB reduces the risk of nosocomial infection in the clinic or home, not to mention non-reimbursable iatrogenic outcomes in the clinic.”

Separately, but related, from a study published in Dermatological Surgery in 1995 Moist wound care has become the standard for treatment of most wounds, The same journal article indicated, “Occlusive dressings increase re-epithelialization rates by up to 50% and increase collagen synthesis by up to 60%.”

Today, it is generally accepted by clinicians that hydrocolloids inherently create an acidic, warm, and airtight wound environment that heals wounds faster than non-occlusive dressings. Now with Xen18’s innovative hydrocolloid technology that does not disintegrate in solution, combined with RemovEZ + PULL-TAB, Xennovate Medical virtually eliminates the risk of damaging new skin upon removal of the dressings.

In 2004 Medical Device Designs Incorporated of Madeira Beach, Florida, an independent consultant, evaluated Xennovate’s design for reducing the removal force of an adhesive, while concurrently minimizing the loss of peel force (tack).

This consultant employed a study model developed by him while at Pfizer.
Effort resulted in new patent for reducing removal forces by up to 33%. Adhesive force (tack) reduction is less than 2%.
Finally, our shear force formulation, xm18s, has been demonstrated to be extraordinary.

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