About Us

Xennovate Medical, the Company

Invented “Integrated” hydrocolloids, providing the industry the first hydrocolloid that did not “melt” in the wound bed, risking, “…deep seated, unresolved inflammation in tissue that otherwise appears healed.” (Chakravarthy, et al, Journal of Biomedical Materials).

Xennovate’s core technology provides ostomy appliances with the thinnest profiles for user comfort, while lasting longer than thicker competitive alternatives.

Due to the improved tensile strength from crosslinking, the same technology provides more absorption and longer lasting moist wound healing protection without the disturbing odor associated with so many of our competitors.

Xennovate’s products provide longer wear times for even the thinnest wound dressings with translucent see-through clarity.

These characteristics enable lower pricing for our customers, thereby improving profit margins, while concurrently providing better products with differentiated clinical advantages.

Xennovate Medical seeks to supply all major medical adhesive product companies with its latest integrated hydrocolloid technologies customized to serve your customers needs the way you know best. Our new EverLift RemovEZ + PULL-TAB technology has been well appreciated by all who have experienced it.

The Company’s core hydrocolloid adhesive technology patent defines and protects one of the most effective skin barriers in the world today. Xennovate’s skin-friendly, highly absorptive and cohesive hydrocolloid technology provides a true competitive advantage over the market leaders. Our trade secret production processes in an ISO and cGMP environment demonstrate manufacturing efficiencies exceeding the world’s major hydrocolloid manufacturers. Xennovate Medical’s headquarters and Technology Centers offices are located in Mentor, Ohio.