Xennovate Medical ®

Hydrocolloid Technologies


Wound and Ostomy Applications

Xennovate Medical ® – an innovative company that created our own hydrocolloid product line for wound and ostomy care.  We can create a product for your needs from the chemistry to the finished item. 

Xennovate Medical ® has partnered with Chemsultants International, Inc. as the contract manufacturer.  They are certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 by Smithers Quality Assessments


  • Wound | Ostomy | Continence | Skin attachment — High Shear| IV | Derm patches
  • Holter attachment
  • Negative pressure wound dressings
  • Inject-a-Site™ IV insertion application

Specifications of our hydrocolloid technology

  • Standard web width – 9.25 in | 23.5 cm
  • Nominal length – 400 LFT | 122 meters | plus 50f/15m & Minus 150f/46m
  • Standard thickness options – 10/15/25/48/92 mils | 254/381-635 mm | 122/234 cm


  • Release liners – Paper | LDPE
  • Xennovate’s unique EverLift RemovEZ™ + PULL TAB™
  • PU film for wound bandage breathability | PE for bonding to ostomy pouches
  • Improved wound healing performance | Hydro window frame
  • Internal design for high absorbency, low adherent hydrocolloid island

Moist Wound Healing

Simply put, hydrocolloids represent an adhesive sponge with moisture vapor evaporating from the distal side via a vapor transmissible polyurethane film, all supporting the tried and true, moist wound healing, methodology.

Absorptive Capacity

Absorptive capacity represents one of Xennovate’s competitive advantages, as demonstrated in our study of ostomy hydrocolloids and, separately, wound dressing hydrocolloids. In our absorption studies we surpassed all the name brands in the industry.

Intelligent Hydrocolloids

Known in the industry for our creative skills, inventing innovative hydro applications, sometimes known as, “Intelligent Hydrocolloids.”

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