Technical Info for Xennovate Hydrocolloids

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EverLift RemovEZ + PULL TAB represents a new technology that significantly reducing removal forces by up to 33%.
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xm18c out-absorbs all other hydrocolloids — testing shows nearly 5x absorption | All major competitors studied dissolved into solution in less than 12 hours.
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The middle cup holds xm18c, which clearly demonstrates the original uniqueness of our "integrated" hydro-polymer, which does not "dis-integrate," even when soaked in saline solution for three straight days | Note the competitive products on either side!
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Compare attributes of four of our top xm18 formulations | Our integrated compound was so innovative at creation, we should have called it a new hydro-polymer, because it was head and shoulders better than the hydrocolloids at the time — it still outperforms most, if not all, of the competition.
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xm18s —> a new medical adhesive formulation, custom-designed and patented, in response to customers requests for a skin-friendly adhesive with extremely aggressive shear adhesion.

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Safety data from NAMSA studies used for 510k clearance to market for Xennovate's xm18c
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Use of skin-friendly hydrocolloids avoids the higher costs of alternatives.
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