Xennovate’s Intelligent Hydropolymers

Highlights of Xennovate's wound and ostomy hydrocolloid technologies...

  • Simply put, hydrocolloids represent an adhesive sponge with moisture vapor evaporating from the distal side via a vapor transmissible polyurethane film, all supporting the tried and true, moist wound healing, methodology.
  • Absorptive capacity represents one of Xennovate’s competitive advantages, as demonstrated in our study of ostomy hydrocolloids and, separately, wound dressing hydrocolloids. In our aggressive absorption studies we surpassed all the name brands in the industry, including Stomahesive™, DuoDerm™, Restore™.
  • Known in the industry for our creative skills, inventing innovative hydro applications, sometimes known as, “Intelligent Hydrocolloids.”
  • We encourage you to explore the many facets of our website with the expectation that you will find much to like, starting with the two videos and subsequent summaries, below...

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Video highlights world's first integrated hydrocolloid, which Xennovate considers to be "the world's longest-lasting hydrocolloid" | It does not disintegrate into the wound, risking granulomata | Severe tests showed no disintegration after three days of submersion in saline solution.

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Basics of Xennovate's EverLift RemovEZ + PULL-TAB | Custom designed for pain reduction | Reduces risk of skin tears.

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Click image to the left for information about Everlift RemovEZ + PULL TAB | Xennovate's patented ease-of-removal technology.
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Just three of Xennovate's spectrum of hydrocolloid formulations optimized for unique & targeted applications.