• Our innovative hydrocolloid wound bandage with a distal foam layer demonstrates “Zen-like” performance by absorbing substantial fluid quantities, while providing the classic skin-friendly hydrocolloid adhesive layer for optimal wound care outcomes
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  • Xennovate’s history includes the introduction of the first “integrated” hydrocolloid to the world | Designed and patented to avoid DIS-integration by heavy exudates | Ours does not disintegrate when submerged over three days in saline solution!
  • The leading hydrocolloid brands experience total disintegration in 6-12 hours | Imagine experiencing those floating foreign bodies in the wounds you treat.
  • Specify XENNOVATE (a combination of Zen and Innovate) for the world's best moist wound healing technology available today | For heavily exudating wounds specify our foam-backed version for better clinical outcomes at lower costs.
  • We earned our CHOPS inventing creative product solutions in response to specific clinical needs.
  • We believe our xm18 outperforms competition by any measure, especially cost | One of our key customers, using xm18 for ostomy (35% thinner than competing brands) captured over 50% share of their served market in less than 18 months.
  • xm18 hydrocolloids are odorless — no animal products [gelatins] | We employ only pharmaceutical or food grade materials for improved patient safety.
  • We have successfully conducted extensive NAMSA skin sensitivity testing | Xennovate's proprietary “Zen” hydrocolloids demonstrate longer wear times, thinner profiles, and lower costs.
  • Xennovate's patented EverLift RemovEZ™ + PULL TAB™ technology makes it easier to start the removal process, while reducing skin tears upon removal.